Factory Aircraft

Factory Aircraft


How much is an aircraft worth?  Most of the private propeller aircraft are more than 40 years old.  Over the years these aircraft have been modified, upgraded, and refurbished to the point where many look and perform like a new plane.  But others have had less updating.  

The very nature of older aircraft dictates that No Two Are The Same.


Maintenance Counts:

Maintenance accounts for a major portion of the cost of ownership.  An aircraft due for a major overhaul is worth considerably less than one recently overhauled.  An aircraft with a damage history has less value than a plane with a clean history.  The appraisal process assess the value of any damage history and components requiring routine maintenance.



There are thousands of avionics types, manufacturers, and model combinations that differ widely in value.  Consequently, avionics have a substantial impact on the aircraft’s value.  It is not uncommon for the value of avionics from one aircraft to another to differ by $100,000 or more.  Failure to consider the avionics would be a major error.  The appraisal process calculates the value of all components correctly when determining the fair market value.


Quality of exterior finish:

The exterior workmanship not only affects how the aircraft looks, it affects the aircraft's value.  Additionally, paint quality affects appearance and aircraft performance.   Variation here can be extreme and can significantly affect the value.  Again, The appraisal process does this objectively and fairly.


What is the engine worth:

The engine is the most critical part of the aircraft, requiring routine maintenance and overhauls.  Again, the same plane may have different engines. The appraisal process utilizes various databases of thousands of engine configurations and overhaul costs together with the current maintenance status of the plane's engines to assess the engines' contribution to the value of the aircraft.

When comparing professionalism, experience, knowledge, reliability, accuracy, technique, acceptance of reports by financial and government institutions; the overall quality of work performed by Malara's Aircraft Services stands far above the competition. 

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