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We provide Fast, Reliable, Accurate and Professional Aircraft Appraisal Services for; Factory Aircraft, Helicopters, Experimental, and Antique Aircraft including Warbirds


Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser - for over thirty years.


USPAP - Qualified to write USPAP Reports for turbine powered aircraft and IRS aircraft Donations.


Our Mission


To provide our clients with friendly, fast, reliable, accurate and professional service at a reasonable price. 

Our Services

We can provide either a Certified Appraisal or a Market Analysis of an aircraft's market value. 


Certified Appraisal: 

The only real way to determine an aircraft's market value is to perform a certified appraisal.  To accomplish the appraisal, we will go to the aircraft to do a visual examination.  The exterior will be inspected for damage, corrosion, loose or missing fasteners, paint condition, airframe condition and tire condition.  We will check for oil and fluid leaks around engine and landing gear.  We will also inspect the interior of the cockpit, passenger area and baggage compartment for condition of seats, carpets, head and side panels, glass, glare shield, etc.  We will thoroughly search log books and records for latest Airworthiness Directives (AD’s), damage history, completeness of the log books and maintenance history, etc..  We will make every effort to accomplish this task in a time frame agreed on between appraiser and client. 


Market Value Analysis:

Provides a low cost method to estimate market value of an aircraft.  The basic aircraft information is provided by the client but we will work with the client, to insure the information provided is as accurate as possible without our actually visiting the aircraft.  A Market Analysis is suitable for establishing or negotiating a purchase price for an aircraft.  A Market Analysis will not be acceptable when dealing with government agencies, settling legal disputes or for financing purposes since the the information about the aircraft is submitted by an "interested party." 


 Assessment of Value:

For both the Certified Appraisal and Market Analysis, information is collected using factual, current sales data on over 10,000 different aircraft makes and models, 12,000 various Avionics, and 2,000 Engines to give our client the most up-to-date market values. 


All client information is confidential.


Our Certified Appraisals are accepted by every financial, legal, government, and private agency.  Banks and Lending Institutions rely on a Certified Aircraft Appraisal to determine the TRUE value of any aircraft.   As a Buyer or a Seller you should too!